Lounge Overdrive

Lounge Overdrive

From Tampa Bay, Florida, Lounge Overdrive is Jeff March√°, Tom Zavesky The soundtrack of classic cars and tall cocktails.

One part 60's radio hits, one part 90 dreampop/shoegazer, one part blue-eyed soul, one part 80's synth pop. Drawing on production influences Quincy Jones, Richard Carpenter, Burt Bacharach. Recapturing AM radio in pop songs with lush arrangements.

"If i was opening a high-fashion clothing store - this is the type of music i'd like to play in it..." -- Mindy N.

The Players:

Tom Zavesky - guitars, basses, keyboards, programming, vocals

Jeff Marcha, vocals

Produced by Tom Zavesky, © 2008,2012,2018


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