This was a gothic-edged group originally formed by my friends Calvary, Suzi and Diane. Vince played guitar with them for a while and I ran sound for some live dates. (the version of "Mothers House" has Vince playing guitar and me running sound).

Vince and Diane left the band and I stepped in as guitarist for a while. We planned on shooting a video and had Martina shot it for us in Cal's basement.

Years later Martina called me in the middle of the night and said she had found the tapes. Technology had come a long way, so I was able to load them into the Final Cut editor at work and I made this video.

Cal stepped in to help me on recording the first Bovinity record. He played bass on "David David."

Quotable quote: "I don't know who this band is, but they have great shoes."

The Players:

Calvary - bass, keyboards programming

Suzi - vocals

Diane - keyboards

Vince - guitars

*Produced by Tom Zavesky,

**Produced by Calvary, Engineered by Jay Bentoff