Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk

Vince, Rob and I assembled this collection of ambient tracks to try to cash in on the ambient trend of the 80's. It really began as a collection of soundbytes that we had lying around on cassettes and ended up taking on a life of it's own. It even got reviewed by Option magazine. We sold a bunch of them at various artwalks. There are a couple added tracks here that I did with Dale Funtash. He was a terriffic drum programmer, doing things such as tuning symbols so low that they sounded like a diesel engine idling. While most ambient music sounds like benign wallpaper, this disc is different in that the textures really vary from track to track, from hard to soft. Great for Meditation!


Cat and Mouse

Left Brain

Caves by the Ocean

The Players:

Tom Zavesky - guitars, basses, keyboards, programming

Vince Murdock - guitars

Produced by Tom Zavesky, © 1998