Distorted Clichés

Distorted Clichés

I went to this liberal arts Jesuit University. I met Shannon there. She and I were both into the "modern music". She was involved with theater and so we go together and started recording songs on a 4 track I bought. We had crap equipment, a little beat box and a heathkit amp I bought second-hand. But we were gonna be the next Eurhythmics. In retrospect I felt I never fully got a grip on how to write for her voice. Most of what we did was discarded for being just plain awful. This is the stuff that is listenable.

Somewhere along the way we teamed up with Vince, another guy that went to the same school. Vince brought songs and talent to the table. We hooked up with drummer Rob Mulryan and started doing live gigs.

In the end we split and Shannon went off to sing with the pop band Serious Nature, and then Mr. Sensible. Vince, Rob and I broke of and formed Death and Taxes.

Quotable Quote:

Years later I ran into a girl at a party who recognized me. She said, "You were in Distorted Clichés, and you were terrible."

The Players:

Tom Zavesky - guitars, basses, keyboards programming, vocals

Shannon Carey - vocals

Vince Murdock - guitars, basses, vocals

Rob Mulryan - drums, attitude

*Al Fiore - solo guitar

Produced by Tom Zavesky, © 1985