Death and Taxes.

Death and Taxes.

Distorted Clichés had run it's course as a band. Vince moved to Washington DC for a while and moved back to Cleveland. One day, Vince came over and started playing ebow on my bass and through a delay. That was the sound that started the band.

We recorded "Run form the Bed Red" a song he wrote while living in DC (the details of the songs content are somewhat sketchy). We hooked up with Rob Mulryan again to play drums. Most of the stuff we wrote is lost because we'd write the songs in the afternoon and then play them at the show that night. Vince would say "play this..." and I would, and that was the song. I never understood what he was singing, until we sat down to record some of it. It seemed like whoever wrote the part played it, so sometimes I'd play bass (Indians) and sometimes I'd play guitar (4-50). The crowds liked how we'd switch instruments in mid-set. This represents what made it to tape in various forms.

To this day I never heard a band that sounded like this. Rob sounded like 10 guys playing the drums, so one of the labels we got stuck with was "New Primitive Sound," Vince always said the songs were "unfinished" or "incomplete," but critics said "the style is the substance."

Rumor had it that our demo tape was making the rounds at Island records. We all started thinking too much about it, and wanted our own way. Rob eventually quit, and I went off to work on Train Wreck Therapy.

Quotable quote: "They got up there, all this noise came out, then it was over. Unbelievable."

The Players:

Tom Zavesky - guitars, basses, vocals

Vince Murdock - guitars, basses, vocals

Rob Mulryan - drums, attitude

*Steve Zavesky - extra drums

All songs by tz, vm, rm

Produced by Tom Zavesky, © 1988